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At 1125 AEDT, the stock was up 6.4% at 1,909.85 US points, while the leading Sensex index was up nearly 1.5% at 38,855.22 points. Methane emissions have been steadily decreasing; In 2016, they were 38% lower than in 1990, partly due to existing EU policies, including the Common Agricultural Policy and waste legislation. Methane emissions from agriculture (half of methane emissions come from livestock) have decreased by 22% since 1990 and those from waste management by 45%. The new waste legislation, adopted in May 2018, 13, will lead to further reductions in emissions from waste management, introducing ambitious soil protection targets and limitations, as well as mandatory selective collection of biowaste. The reduction in the EU target is 20% compared to 1990, in Japan, 3.8% compared to 2005, in China, the intensity of CO2 emissions will be reduced by 40-45% by 2020 and the forest population and the share of non-fossil sources in primary energy consumption will decrease by 20 to 25%, and India will rehabilitate the intensity of emissions by 20 to 25% compared to 2005. As soon as the provisions of this agreement are in force, and unless otherwise stated, the provisions of this agreement remain in force and bind from time to time the contracting parties to this agreement, including, if necessary, in order to avoid doubts, from the date on which all shares of Gestamp Automocién are admitted to trading (after the IPO of Gestamp) (with the exception of provisions which no longer apply as a result of the Gestamp Stock Exchange) until this contract is terminated in accordance with Item 27. While, in accordance with the provisions of the investment agreement, the contracting parties intend to conclude this agreement in order to regulate the relationship between Acek and Mitsui as shareholders of GA HoldCo. Although Risteel is not a shareholder of GA Holdco, risteel, as a shareholder of Gestamp Automocién, signs this agreement to be bound by the provisions relating to ga shareholders or Risteel. In a notification to BSE, after trading hours on Friday, the company said that its entire Singaporean subsidiary, Affle International, has entered into three definitive share purchase agreements to acquire Mediasmart Mobile S.L, while Step-down subsidiary Affle MEA FZ-LLC has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire all of the mobile advertising company`s tech-IP assets. In the event that a law limiting the life of the term of life may be applicable to agreements between shareholders of private or listed companies comes into force at any time during the duration of this agreement, this agreement is considered to be the maximum period permitted by this Act. This maximum time to count, including the date on which the corresponding law becomes enforceable. the shareholders` pact signed by Hochtief AG; ACS, Actividades de Construccién y Servicios, S.A.

and Atlantia, S.p.A CNMV In June 2018, the Council, the European Parliament and the Commission reached an interim agreement on: Shareholder Pact signed by Criteria Caixa, S.A.U., with BCN Godia S.L.U and G3T,S.L.

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