Final Status Agreement Deutsch

4. The officials of either contracting party may, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions it sets, be present in the territory of that party for reasons of reflection. (a) the benefits granted by a contracting party under an agreement of the type defined in Article V of the GATS or by measures taken on the basis of such an agreement; To this end, the Community has decided to propose to Morocco a harmonisation of the rules of origin with the rules established in agreements with other Mediterranean countries, which are in line with the rules set out in agreements with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe as soon as these rules are applicable in a Mediterranean country. For the purposes of the implementation of Article 7, the following provisions are considered insufficient to confer the status of native products, whether or not there is a change in position 3.1. The rule in the list is the minimum workload or transformation, and the execution of a larger work or transformation also confers the original character; Conversely, less work or transformation may not have an original. Therefore, where a rule states that non-native materials may be used at a given stage of manufacture, the use of that material is permitted at a later stage of manufacture and the subsequent use of that material is not permitted. In determining whether a product originated in the Community or Morocco, it is not necessary to verify whether the electrical energy, fuel, facilities and equipment and machinery and tools used in the manufacture of that product are or are used during manufacturing and which are not intended for the final composition of the product and are not intended for the final composition of the product. , of origin or of not. The provisions adopted by the Association Council in accordance with Article 67 do not infringe on the rights or obligations arising from bilateral agreements between Morocco and the Member States where these agreements provide for more favourable treatment of Moroccan nationals or Member States. On 2 August 1945, the Potsdam Agreement, proclaimed at the end of the Potsdam Conference, agreed, among other things, on the initial conditions under which the World War II Allies were to rule Germany.

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